It is our mission to be much more than just another lead broker. Our goal is to develop a deeper, longer term relationship with you and your company. We would like to take the time necessary to talk with you about your goals and your company’s direction. We can assist you and your company with advantages to improve your production, trustworthiness, image and the ability to make more contacts and gain new clientele. We have simple and inexpensive avenues to help you move forward to the next level!


The reality of your company is to create its very own TV and Radio commercials…professionally produced and affordable for everyone! Take your Company to the Next Level

Personal videos to send to your clients and prospects right through your Inbox. Trustworthiness

The greatest individual predictive dialing system we know. Clone Yourself and your Sales People

A turnkey Sales and Marketing Consulting program. Be a World Class Company

Facebook ads, Linked-in ads, emailing recommendation, Dragon software use. Reach Out/ Save Time

Novelties Stay on your Clients mind


Take your company to the next level and take advantage of Worldwide Marketing Connections advertising and time saving marketing tools!




We formed a partnership with a gentleman who owns several successful businesses. He’s done a multitude of television advertising spots over the years. He has figured out a fantastic model for creating a very inexpensive way to get a company on TV thousands of times over a 30 day period. This guy is brilliant!


We have the ability to make your commercial and include air time for an incredibly reasonable investment. The last advertisement this gentleman did for his own business generated almost a 52,000 commercial run in 30 days (51,803 to be exact, for the kind of investment stated below.) That generated 2,200 sellable leads and over 12,000 people went to his website! Some of that depends on the amount of times it runs, the quality of the commercial and what you're saying. Is it resonating with people?


We can help you with that!


We utilize a 10,000 square foot studio in California with professional, big name actors like Corbin Bernsen and others. Imagine owning a 30 second spot for approximately $6,000.00! Your commercial will run in the market of your choice. (Example: cover Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.) This price includes buying the air time, a 30 day run, all the production, the actors, the studio, shooting your commercial, a one minute spot, and a 30 spot. We can help write the scripts and produce what you need, professionally!


This is an exciting reality. Use the most powerful medium in the world…TELEVISION!




Client relation building through video emailing with a very personal touch…is truly important!


We use this video system here at Worldwide. It’s phenomenal! It’s so easy and dirt cheap to use and it has turned out to be a lot of fun! This system allows you interact on a more personal level with your prospects and clients. You will build a deeper trust in a shorter period of time and reinforce your brand. Think of the impact a quick thirty second personal video from you and/or your sales people will have on your prospects and clients. Most companies aren’t doing anything like this. In this day and age….WHY! When you go ahead and put yourself out there the impact you make with a potential client or existing client is remarkable. The ability to put a face with your voice.

You're doing a free television commercial! Dan M. says "The video email technology has got to be one of the coolest things I've come across in years. It's amazing how effective it is to put a face with a voice!”


Think about it. You are showing integrity, trust and confidence in your company. Therefore, creating stronger, deeper relationships in a shorter period on time.


Shoot a video


The program is integrated directly into Outlook add-in. So, you can create and send video emails with ease and the system is very simple to download… 10 minute set up and you're ready to go!


You log in, a screen comes up, you see your face on the screen and you hit the start button. Shoot your video, hit stop and review it and if you like it…save it! Otherwise start again and record it over until you get it 100% right. Pretty soon it's like riding a bike!


Record, save and send a 30 second video in a couple of minutes, right through your email… Super simple!


Every advantage you implement helps your company rise above the rest. Isn't that what smart business is about?




The fact of the matter is we can’t hire the people we need to cover every aspect of our business. What if had you three producers just like you or your top guy, who knows exactly what to do and how to get it done! Well, that's what this system does, it speeds up your productivity so much it's like having another three of you for as long as you stay on the system. Technology produces your clones!


This is the best predictive dialer available and you can set it up for one person! No more dialing by hand, no more busy signals, disconnects or fax signals. You can set the system up to hear a “Hello” every 7 to 10 seconds.


Bob N. says "I was on the system for three hours and it dialed close to 700 numbers. I talked to people more rapidly than ever before." "This system is like driving a Ferrari at 170 MPH with the windshield blacked out!"


Nelson G. says “I have been using this dialing system for two months, the system enables my consultants

to make more contacts in a shorter period of time. Thus, spending more time with potential investors.

I strongly recommend this system in this completive environment.”


Think about only getting on the phone for three hours a day and making 600 plus dials in that period of time. You’re doing the work of three people accomplishing at least an 8 hour shift, hand dialing. You will have the time to do all the other stuff each day that gets in your way of finding new prospects! You should really try this predictive dialer system one month. NO CONTRACTS, NO PHONE BILL WITH THIS!


Put all those leads in the system you have laying around doing nothing for you! Pick up a batch of my .25 accredited leads and clean the cream off the top!


Super simple set up and essentially, clone you three times over! After all, if we can show you something you know you should be interested in doing and it’s truly inexpensive! Maybe, you will be ordering more leads from us on a regular basis.


That's the main point here. We have to put inexpensive time-savers into place and this is a HUGE time saving tool! You just have to get past the fear of change and take a minor step backwards to take a massive step forward!


Sales are and always have been a numbers game. Increase your call productivity increase your numbers, End of story!




Worldwide Marketing Connections team will accelerate your company to a first class level of performance and image. We will orchestrate everything listed below on your behalf, including all the set-up, expenses and hands on training! All you have to do is sell prospective clients your services and/or investment opportunity.

This includes:

  • All your scripts. (Opening and closing scripts)
    • Outbound calling script
    • Outbound rebuttals
    • Pipeline building scripts for green cherries***


  • 500 pocket folders designed to your specifications and delivered to your office (including revisions).


  • 100 mailing envelopes that give your piece the attention it deserves.


  • 500 full “sell sheet inserts” that describe your company (including up to three revisions).


  • Hiring, setting up, and full implementation of outbound dialogic predictive dialing fulfillment company.


  • Video conferencing:  We will order your equipment and direct you from start to finish with the setup. This will include everything you need: new camera, program, lighting and custom template. You will have the ability to send your videos the same day we set you up including the ability to send your electronic brochure attachment with your video. In addition we provide phone consultation, video training and recommendations to maximize your impact.  This particular technology is part of the backbone of the marketing machine. It’s extremely difficult to gain a prospects trust sight unseen. This technology bridges the gap between a voice over the phone and an actual person that they are dealing with. It polishes your image and will increase your close ratio. Included in your price for three months.


  • We will assist in setting up a postage account to maximize USPS savings.


  • Website: Recommendation suggestion.


  • Brochure: Recommendation suggestion.


  • Three months of consulting: Support for rebuttals to objection handling…you name it!


  • Personnel assistance and training.



This package, as stated above, includes 60 hours of US outbound dialing with an agent of your approval. We have a very successful relationship with one of the largest call centers in the country and use their New England call center. We will contract the call center, hand select the agent that will run the campaign, provide them with a script, train him/her, and then have him/her give you a test call for your approval. Two hours a day for 60 hours from 10 AM to 12 PM Eastern time or 1 PM to 3 PM Eastern time at your discretion.


This package is designed to make your company look and feel like a world class company!


We will completely refresh your image and approach to marketing intangible high ticket investments. We have over 20 years of experience and believe that following our time-tested and proven approach will return multiples to your organization for years to come.




Reach out to new potential clients with Facebook Advertising! A digital marketing technology that provides businesses an affordable marketing solution to engage, advertise, and sell products or services within Facebook’s timeline, Facebook’s newsfeed, and web pages or blogs - all without intrusive pre-roll, mid-roll, and end-roll ads.


Here’s a suggestion if you’re not already doing it. Get with a bulk emailing company and send out emails to your clients and prospects weekly with ease! This is a real big time saver and very inexpensive. Call if you would like a recommendation to the company we use.


We all have things that come up every day and steal our time away from our plan for the day. Sometimes if tough to get back on track and we fall behind. We recommend Dragon Software. This is a very helpful tool to keep you on track!


Please share some of you day to day tools that help you stay on top of things and increase your productivity. We would greatly appreciate it!



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